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Helloween 2017 update

X-1 Hyena

X-1 Hyena - Equipped with machine guns and missile launcher, the X-1 Hyena choppers will shoot down anything in their way, whether it airborne or on the ground. Collect the new Air Patrol card and you can deploy X-1 Hyenas to guard your mansion!

Anti-Air Trap

Anti-Air Trap - Coming under fire from foes in the sky? The Anti-Air Trap is a sneaky surprise waiting to spoil their day. Next time someone tries to fly over your territory these missiles will give them a sting they won't forget!

New Card Levels

New Card Levels - Chemist,Celebrity Host,mad Builder,Fortify,Overcrowd,Prison,Inside Agent,Rat Repellent,Mass Squatting,Corrupt Cashier,Alarm System,Overload,and Mortar Accelerator all received new levels.

Wily Wildler

New Henchman:Wily Wildler - After smoking thousands of enemies,not to mention cigars, its time for Wily Wildler to take up residence in the mansion. Your favourite burly biker is now a henchman! Unlock him in the single player missions and gain access to the X-1 Hyena attack helicopter.

Player Requests

Player Requests - 1.Reduced acquisition of Car Bomb by 5 minutes 2.Added Timer to superior Card (Available for Lvl 10 Mansion+ only!) 3.Increased Maximum limit of Anti-Vehicle Mines 4.Added mafia ID to stats window