Top 3 Mafias

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Here are the Top 3 Mafias of the week!


1. SLAM - Boss= Avenger* Skulls=108907 Mafia Power=10981 Info=Only Avenger* can accept & reject, edit info, respect each other and mafia locked atm so no recruiting. This is the Mafia of the month!!


2. MAYHEM!! - Boss= Dijanek!!! +9 more Skulls=98097 Mafia Power=9864 Info= A lot of inactivity not fair to those who are trying, please help ;) other info=This mafia have gone from 60th to the top flight and now are second, the main boss, and original as well as the creator is Dijank!!!


3. NEW HUNTERS - Boss= *FËR@* more Skulls=94568 Mafia Power=10329 Info= this mafia has better power than MAYHEM!! but less skulls, they are third but were 1st and will most likely get back to the top in the near future.