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Here are the Top 3 mafiosos of the week!


1. fredyjack - Mafia= "Y" not Fredyjack is currently top of our leaderboard and has been in the top flight for over 100 days, sine the start of the showdown update he has obliterated everyone, knocking Rajah of the top and becoming the ULTIMATE warrior!!!


2. Laney69 - Mafia= Midas second and a not very well known figure, Laney69 is a dark horse and is second in the leaderboard, even though he is 44 skulls of fredyjack and 23 skulls above reallyolddog he is not someone to ignore!!


3. reallyolddog - Mafia= ÐeézMäñïacs* He has that cool hair intresting mafia and amzing base, yes he really is and old dog, but hes still young inside, with a lvl12 base with new henchman Wily Wildler he is the next big thing!!