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There are several different characters in Crime Coast that are currently split in to three different groups, Defense, Production and Extras. Production buildings are what keep you stocked with Bad Blue, Cash, Vehicles and Units. Defense buildings protect your base against incoming raids from rival mafias. They are very important to help you protect your resources and skulls.

Production Buildings

Bank - Banks will store cash scored from other towns and protection payments after your shake-down local business owners. Keep watch over your ill-gotten gains as rival gangs will pocket your moolah if you leave it lying about like a mook!

Warehouse - Every great gangster film has a shootout at the warehouse and we're no different. Here you'll store the Bad Blue produced by your labs, but that means rival jerks are gonna want a piece of this action. Garrison the warehouse with your toughest gangsters and protect your delicious contraband from falling into enemy hands.

Prison - The Prison, a.k.a Crime University. Even small-time crooks come out of the sing-sing with big ideas, which sucks for society but great for you! After the big house has taught some old cons a few new tricks, recruit these thugs for your own dirty deeds. Upgrade the joint and you'll gain access to criminals who would make even Al Capone cry like a little girl.

Store - Protection rackets can be a valuable source of income for the aspiring mob kingpin, and store owners are always happy to keep their business safe. Collect your commission when you're running low on cash - just make sure it goes straight the Bank so you know it's safe!

Lab - Some folks use Labs to cure diseases. Ours create delicious mountains of Bad Blue chocolate, which is illegal because chocolate needs to be either white or dark! Make sure you store your illicit product at the warehouse, as The Lab contains a ton of funky looking chemicals, and destroying it creates an explosion that dissolves the face of anything made of meat.

Law Office - Having the Criminal Attorney on your payroll is also good for business! Their expertise in law and contacts in the prison system makes him an ideal middle-man for recruiting new thugs.

House - Houses provide a place for gang members to sleep, eat and take a whiz. The bigger the crib, the more of your goons can stay over. Ooh gangsters slumber party! Build more houses to support a larger gang.

Chop Shop - Stolen vehicles are of no use to your organization if the police know they're hot! Use the Chop Shop to respray any vehicles you've boosted.

Grease Monkeys - Want your vehicle upgraded? Grease monkeys is the place to do it! These 'Pimp my ride' rejects, rather than adding LCD screens and subwoofers, add bulletproof body panels, and attach missiles to the chassis!

Road - All your buildings gotta connect to mansion with the roads, it's not rocket science. Build them.

Defense Buildings

37M Gun - Ooh a pretty ornament! Nope, it's a lethal cannon to blow your enemies into custard! This 37M Gun packs a mean punch on vehicles and characters alike!

Wall - What do you do if you hate your neighbor's? Build a wall of course. Walls keep out rival gangs and allow you to sleep a little easier at night.

Sniper Tower - It might look like a regular corporate brainwashing billboard from the outside, but that's for a reason- it's concealing a deadly automated sniper riffle patiently. Construct these in strategic locations for maximum effect against incoming rival gangs.

Mortar - If you want to pack the kind of punch you'd get if you called your mother-in-law fat, then have a crack with these tasty little mortars! They lob grenades into the air that explode upon impact, reducing a whole bunch of gangsters into a fine angry pulp.

Bunker - Bunkers are a defensive safe-house where your filthy goons can lay low and return fire. If your bunker gets trashed, your guys will blow the joint and disperse, to create even more delicious chaos.

Paradise Club - This is a classy joint where the Mafia carve up the city like a Christmas ham. If there's a big party going on you'll find even more lowlifes willing to join your crooked cause, while the Vault is the perfect place to store your hard-earned Mafia Wars loot. The larger your Club, the bigger the Vault!

Hunting Trap - Perfect for maiming enemies, salesmen and girl scouts selling cookies, the Hunting Trap inflicts a sexy amount of damage on those who walk into it. Just like an Apple store.

Land Mine - Send you enemies to the bughouse in the sky with the Explosive Mine, a hidden treat designed to give even the beefiest bloke a fiery kick up the jacksie.

Anti-Vehicle Mine - Tired of your enemies speeding onto your turf without permission? Give them a free one-way ticket to the morgue with the Anti-Vehicle Mine. It's the hidden treat nobody wants to find.

Machine Gun - Is there anything better than mowing your enemies down from a secret spot in cold daylight? No, there is not. Fill your boots and make swiss cheese outta these bozos with the Machine Gun!

Missile Silo - Sick of pea shooters and potato guns? Get your hands on some heavy weaponry with the hidden Missile Silo. Nestling discretely between the bushes is an arsenal of huge destructive capability, and with a blast radius to match! This ranged weapon causes pain and suffering on a scale you won't know until you're married.

Tesla Tower - Sent your units near it and it will throw a burst of electric waves. The end result is not the very pleasant one.

Anti-Air Trap - Coming under fire from foes in the skies? The Anti-Air Trap is a sneaky surprise waiting to spoil their day. Next time someone tries to fly over your territory these missiles will give them a sting they will never forget!