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Inspector Jones

Inspector Jones - Inspector Jones might have been too dirty even for the LAPD but on Crime Coast he fits right in. Jones will provide you with all crooked cops you need, guaranteeing your illicit enterprises won't fall foul of the law.

Don Bresciani

Don Bresciani - With his pin sharp suits and taste for fine dining, Don Bresciani knows a thing ot two about style, even if his short term memory loss makes him forget about it sooner or later. His thieves and snipers will see help you rob and kill opponents before they even know what's hit them.

Borislav Goriev

Borislav Goriev - Borislav Goriev might look more like a bear than a man but that's because he grew up training them to wrestle with Russian presidents for sport. Hire him and he'll use his contacts to bend the law and take out opponents from afar, not to mention smuggle a spot of good old Bad Blue in his cop cars.


Sgt.Blackwater - As a former highly paid mercenary, Sgt Johnny Blackwater knows a thing or two about working from inside the shadows. His crooked cops will smuggle your Bad Blue in their squad cars and pass it on to the street-wise, grenade-lobbing hustles ready for distribution.

Mat Ador

Mat Ador - Only a fool would wave a red rag to a bull. That is, unless you're Mat Ador then the bull runs a mile. With Mat Ador on your crew your opponents will quiver in fear: his dirty cops, thieves and hustlers will see that you start raking in the cash and if you really want to heat things up Lone Wolf will start off any party with a C4-shaped bang.


Dwight Powers - His politics might be questionable but you'll put your doubts to one side once you realise what he can do for your organisation. His double whammy of sniper stealth from afar and hardcore demolition on the front lines will strike fear in your enemies, while your casualties will lap up the medical attention of their nurse.

Nobu Takeshita

Nobu Takeshita - Nobu Takeshita's passion for Pokemon and pachinko parlours might be his secret pleasure but his vast experience with the Yakuza makes him a smuggler's saving grace. Crooked cops bend the law under his influence and traffic your dirty blue in their squad cars while Nurse Hatchet's bedside manner is always a pleasure.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee - If you're on the lookout for a henchman capable of bringing the ultimate in destruction, look no further than Mike Lee. A ghetto bro through and through, Mike's shady associates will use C4 and car bombs to obliterate your enemy's positions leaving his thieves and hustlers to clean up the spoils.

John Reid

John Reid - Does power corrupt? Absolutely. As John Reid will tell you, the top of the political pyramid is where the real prizes are found. With the kind of access Reid provides the world will be your oyster. His political corruption and access to the very best in ex-military expertise will see Crime Coast nestling in the palm of your hand in no time.