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updated 27/09/18

'''Update before last'''

New GhostGT

Ghost GT - Equipped with dual machine guns and missile launchers, the Ghost GT will obliterate anything in it's path.

New Card Levels
- Gold Prizes have been doubled, Up to 20 mafia members recieve gold upon victory, Mafias using ghost accounts will be banned
New Card Levels
- The sale prices of items have been increased. Earn from 10% to 100% extra on the original amounts!, Decreased production times on Car Bombs, Reduced cost and bail out time of Mr Malicious, Reduced Superior Card timer by 24hrs, all levels of of the defence tower now offer anti-air capabilities.

X-1 Hyena

X-1 Hyena - Equipped with machine guns and missile launcher, the X-1 Hyena choppers will shoot down anything in their way, whether it airborne or on the ground. Collect the new Air Patrol card and you can deploy X-1 Hyenas to guard your mansion!

Anti-Air Trap

Anti-Air Trap - Coming under fire from foes in the sky? The Anti-Air Trap is a sneaky surprise waiting to spoil their day. Next time someone tries to fly over your territory these missiles will give them a sting they won't forget!

New Card Levels
- Chemist,Celebrity Host,mad Builder,Fortify,Overcrowd,Prison,Inside Agent,Rat Repellent,Mass Squatting,Corrupt Cashier,Alarm System,Overload,and Mortar Accelerator all received new levels.
Wily Wildler

New Henchman:Wily Wildler - After smoking thousands of enemies,not to mention cigars, its time for Wily Wildler to take up residence in the mansion. Your favourite burly biker is now a henchman! Unlock him in the single player missions and gain access to the X-1 Hyena attack helicopter.

Player Requests

Player Requests - 1.Reduced acquisition of Car Bomb by 5 minutes 2.Added Timer to superior Card (Available for Lvl 10 Mansion+ only!) 3.Increased Maximum limit of Anti-Vehicle Mines 4.Added mafia ID to stats window


New Berserk

Berserk Card - Unleash Willy's wrath on your enemies with Berserk,invoking Willy's Rage ability regularly,and at no extra coast.