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There is currently 4 vehicles in Crime Coast and all of them are attack vehicles, used for raiding. Vehicles are obtained using the Chop Shop and upgraded through the Grease Monkeys garage.


Cop Car - Not all cop cars are there to protect and serve.This cop car provides ideal cover for carrying out raids and comes complete with a pair of dirty pigs to boot.

Ram Raider - A pimped up,armored van,with a team of 4 escaped convicts.The vehicle is tough,speedy and targets banks,stores,warehouses.It can maneuver past defenses to raid targets,whilst drawing enemy fire!

Car bomb - it can be sneaky and underhand and the results are more than a little messy, but a well placed car bomb certainly gets the job done! use the bomb smuggler to get these to your target and say adios to those frustrating defensive buildings.

Super Toucan - Rain down death from above! The super toucan is the CIA's weapon of choice to battle drug cartels. Now that is fallen into the 'right' hands, you'll be able to strike at the heart of you enemies' base before they know what hits them

X-1 Hyena - Equipped with machine guns and missile launcher, the X-1 Hyena choppers will shoot down anything in their way, whether it airborne or on the ground. Collect the new Air Patrol card and you can deploy X-1 Hyenas to guard your mansion!

Ghost GT - Boot your enemies off your turf and skies with a blast from your rocket launcher! Unleash hell with twin machine guns! This vehicle is capable of some serious car-nage!